Instant Cameras. Instant love.

Recently I’ve become fascinated with instant photography.

It started with Fujifilm’s Instax Mini I received this past Christmas. I know, I know this is a new “trend” and it’ll most likely pass in due time among millennials. But I’ve always had an old soul and I found myself falling in love again with a photo you could physically touch. A photo that you actually have to think about snapping. A photo that you can’t just delete and pick from a slew of other ones you decided to take in the hopes of finding the perfect picture. After I played around with this camera for about a week I found myself wanting to take a picture of everything. Suddenly everything seemed more fascinating and picture worthy. I took all my New Year’s photos with the Instax and found myself having nothing to post on Facebook at the end of the day. Guess what? I. Loved. It.

I began doing research online of other cameras I could get my hands on that also take instant photos. The most popular being the Polaroid One Step that shoots 600 film. While this was something I was considering I wanted a camera that was a little less cheesy and something that I actually had to play with to get a good picture. Then I found it. The Polaroid SX-70 was what I was looking for. An SLR (Single Lens Reflex) that needed some tweaking to get a good clear photo. Found this baby on Ebay for a good price and then purchased some rather expensive film from Impossible Project (this hobby is not cheap, mind you).

To me this hobby is well worth the investment and time. It makes me really think about what I want to shoot. What brightness I want to use, how I want the picture portrayed and what angle I want my subject in the photo. In my next posts I’ll talk more about the SX-70 and another Polaroid camera I purchased which I’m also in love with. It’s amazing to me how the old really does make a comeback and I’m happy to see that this type of photography isn’t dead and that passionate people like Impossible Project are trying hard to keep it alive.


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