Polaroid SX-70

So in my last post I mentioned the Polaroid SX-70 being the second instant camera I purchased. That being said I’m going to let you know how I feel about this camera and how it performs for a novice such as myself.

First off, I love the aesthetics of this camera!

I just really appreciate the masculine and professional feel you get when holding this machine. When I held it for the first time I honestly thought “Wow, this a piece of art in itself.” The fact you have to pull up the view finder to open up the camera into this glorious photo-taking transformer is amazing.

The original instructions on how to open and close the SX-70.img_7852

I was fortunate to find someone on Ebay who had the original skins on the camera that weren’t cracked or just plain missing. I was also excited that the camera came with it’s original case and manual. Even came with a flash bar as well with 6 flashes left! Whoo hoo!


I ended up buying some Black & White Impossible film from Amazon and popped it in. Lo and behold the camera still worked! Now I just had to get used to the awkward view finder and what brightness I needed to place the camera on to get a decent photo. Also I had to hope to high heaven that something internally wasn’t broken because since this is a 45 year old camera it’s completely possible for even the littlest thing to skew a photo. By the way, Impossible Film recommends setting your brightness more to the dark side because the speed of their film is different than the film back in the 70’s.

I practiced on a couple random objects indoors but the pictures kept coming out blurry or overexposed. I also kept wondering why the photos were coming out extremely delayed. After some research online I figured out that when you shoot indoors without a flash the camera takes time to eject a photo. So if you hit the shutter, hear the click then you suddenly move before the photo comes out it will be skewed. So you pretty much have to awkwardly sit there for 5 to 10 secs as still as possible. This doesn’t happen outdoors in the sunlight though. The picture comes out instantly. (ha…pun)

As far as picture quality it’s been hit or miss for me. I notice I’m not really a fan of Impossible’s Black and White film because all the photos are overly exposed and look rather ghostly. Don’t get me wrong I’m a novice so there probably needs to be more practice with this particular film before I make a confirmation. However, when I used the colored film most of the pictures I took came out moderately clear. The colors were more on the dull side but that’s to be expected with this type of film.

Anyway, the skinny is I actually really like this camera. I like that I get frustrated with trying to take the perfect photo. I like that even when I get a skewed photo it still looks artistic to me. It’s just an all around fun camera to use. It’s design is a definite head turner and let’s be honest with ourselves it looks cool as hell.





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