The What-Were-They-Thinking Coffee Table

A couple years ago my friend and I made a trip to our local Goodwill and spotted this old 1950s-1960s looking coffee table. Upon first look it was just plain ugly. Someone had pretty much ruined the integrity of this piece by painting it a bright crayon red with white stripes. On top of that they had the intelligent idea to put black electrical tape across it as well for some effect or another I’m guessing.

I noticed the price tag on the table was 19.99 and I told my friend “They have got to be kidding….this thing is barely worth 5 bucks.” She agreed.  I decided to go up to the clerk at the front and ask if the price could be negotiated. I let the clerk know I would be willing to pay $10 at the max. She called over the manager who then said they would have to look at the table first before deciding a price. When the manager came back she had a horrid look on her face that told me she also thought the table looked uh-mazing….   In the end they gave the table to me for my asking price. Yay for me! Now what the heck was I going to do with this? My husband was going to kill me…

Needless to say my husband wasn’t thrilled but I assured him I would make this thing into a piece we could actually use and it wouldn’t be an eye sore. Initially the look on his face told me he didn’t quite believe me.

The most beautiful table in the world…. pictured below. fullsizerender


P.S. After talking with a friend later they said the table actually looked like Van Halen’s guitar. I looked it up and they were right. So I guess this was what the original owner was going for…haha.



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