We go about our lives everyday with new technology¬†being created and putting anything current or even a couple years old on the backburner. Its fun to look back¬† 20, 30, 40+ years back and see just how our older generations lived. It’s also interesting to compare craftsmanship and creativity from the past until now. Have you ever wondered why grandma’s bed side table has lasted for 80+ years but your Ikea table can barely last 3? Questions like that can show you how much more important quality was back then than quantity.

Apparently this is where I tell you a little about me and what the heck I’m even writing about. I’m a lover of all things vintage and am fascinated with anything considered “old”. I’m an artist at heart and also love to DIY. One of my passions is renewing old furniture. I love taking old scratched up pieces and really creating something modern that still has old world charm. I also love drawing (mostly anime/manga style) and taking photos with instant cameras. I will try to stay on topic in my blog as much as possible but honestly I’m human so there may be some randomness thrown in here and there. Hopefully I can stir up some inner creativity for people that are stuck in a rut. Maybe start a new hobby or just give someone a couple of ideas.